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6 stages | From IDEA → Finished Product!

We at AMOXT Solutions Inc. progress your project development journey from idea to final product in simple stages. Those stages are as follows:

You share your business idea with us

You share your software/website/app details with us on an online meeting platform (eg. skype). Our team ask several important questions and suggest modifications in the idea so you get the best product!

We make the Proposal

After online meeting, our team will draft a descriptive proposal with design, wireframe modal, workflow, technologies, etc. and sent it to you. We make modifications in the draft proposal until you are satisfied. You approve the proposal for further progress.

Send Proposal upto 500+ companies

After you approve draft proposal, we shall send the proposal on your behalf to several companies in the respective domain and get authentic quotations. This stage helps you to get the best deal without wasting any unnecessary time

You select the company

We present you with companies ranging in quotations and expertise, then you select the final company, you want your software/website/app to be developed by.

The Work Begins, We provide free consultancy

The selected company start working on your project. We provide free consultancy for your project. We review every bit of code, design, etc before approving their work. Send you weekly reports of the progress of the project. Make sure the company you select meet deadlines.

Finished product

After testing and deployment, we release the complete payment from our escrow to the selected company after your approval. You get a quality product to boost up your revenue!

Beautiful Proposals by Industry Leading Experts
  • Beautiful and easy to understand UI, professional animations
  • Design that makes you understand your own idea
  • Using creative ideas to create your project designs stand out
  • Modern technologies to create efficient and powerful software
  • Present your services with a flexible, convenient and multipurpose way
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Ask yourself:

Can you afford to loose time & money?

Send your proposal upto 500+ companies!
Affordable Deal

You get the best deal with minimum cost and maximum expertise. We provide you with insights on every firm and company, so you get a 360 view of every firm before choosing.

Time Saving

Time is an important currency in this century, we at AMOXT understand this, we get real quotations from our partnered firms and companies as quick as possible.

Free Consultancy throughout your project!

You Relax, We Work!

Modern Framework
We make sure your software/website/app is developed using modern framework and technologies and state-of-the-art design including stunning UI/UX look.
Security layer
Our team test every backend api to find any security vulnerability. This is a crucial step as most of the leading software development companies sometimes produce apps having a critical security risk.
Cost Saving
Our team analyze the development of your software for future cost savings, that is when the software is deployed on servers across the globe. We look for things like bandwidth minimization, request serving/server growth optimization, etc.
Our team performs several testing on your software under heavy load before approving so you don't lose any bug/error later.
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